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Red Fish, My Fish, Your Fish... Our Fish!

Cooking with UMass Dartmouth Dining Services Executive Chef, Kevin Gibbons

By: Marketing Manager Intern, Kendall UMass Dartmouth, Michaella Lesieur

Red fish is a local staple, easy to cook with and packed with nutrients and flavor that will kick up any recipe. Today, we met up with UMass Dartmouth Dining Services Executive Chef, Kevin Gibbons to explore the red fish and what it has to offer to seafood loving fans.

From size to color red fish is a unique fish that is underutilized but abundant. “Red fish is a local catch in the waters around the South Coast. The color is actually light red and about 12-14 inches long and its texture is similar to haddock,” said Gibbons. “Red fish is usually frozen at sea to keep it fresher and the fillet still has the skin on it.”

If you are looking for a way to incorporate protein and veggies into one dish Gibbons has you covered by using local ingredients that are available to you in our own backyard... “My experience with cooking it is simple, sometimes sautéed in a pan with a little butter and olive oil, salt/pepper, maybe a splash of white wine,” said Gibbons. “Another way is to line a baking sheet with fresh spinach tossed with olive oil, salt /pepper. Lay the red fish fillet on top of the spinach in a domino effect, (not totally covering the fillet), a couple pads of butter, a few lemon wedges, half a cup of white wine (as always!), cover with foil and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes--fish and vegetables in one dish!”

Not only is cooking with red fish nutritional but easy on the wallet too. It helps our local fisherman, utilizes the fish we have locally in our own waters and is especially great for students who are on a tight budget but looking for a nicer meal.

You may be looking for some help on your next shopping trip and deciding what is for dinner- follow this list and you will be in and out in a cinch.

Your Next Shopping List:

Red Fish Fillets

1 bag of Spinach

1 Lemon

Olive Oil

Stick Butter



Chunky Veggies (ex. zucchini, brussels sprouts, etc.)

Aluminum Foil

For students coming back to school and looking to maintain a well-balanced diet while studying hard they can look for dishes similar to these, which will be featured on the menu weekly using fresh local fish as their main ingredient. “Most fish have nutritional benefits and a balanced diet is the key, less beef and more fish,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons overarching goal is to educate, educate, educate! “The goal is to educate students with more choices in their diets and living in this area, fish is abundant but not many people know this,” he said. “We can reach out to the young adults and expose them to the bounty that is local and fresh.”

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Maritime Academy and Eastern Connecticut State University and their chefs are proud of their menus, the ingredients that they are bringing into their kitchens and distributing to the students, faculty and staff. “We help local markets, and everyone wins,” said Gibbons proudly.

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