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Meet The Underutilized Fish of Our Area

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Written By: Marketing Coordinator Intern, UMass Dartmouth, Michaella Lesieur

Underutilized fish is something that will be of the past after UMass Dartmouth Dining in conjunction with Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Northeastern University, and Eastern Connecticut State University use the Kendall Foundation Vision Award, to bring an awareness to our local fisheries making them more prominent in our diets and finding a more secure place for them on our local menus.

What most people don’t know is that we have several types of fish that are abundant in our oceans. From red fish, dog fish, scup and the not so pretty monkfish the options are endless. We are going to explore the various types of fish and different types of recipes you can make right at home.


Let’s start with the monkfish, now it won’t win the most beautiful prize, but it sure will win it in taste. Monkfish are usually mainly found in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and looks similar in appearance to a stingray. The best use is when incorporated into stews as it takes on a lobster like texture. Monkfish is a white fish and aside from stews it is good skewered and in pancetta. Likewise, monkfish has also been found on menus at popular restaurants like Hemenway’s, which is part of the Newport Restaurant Group located in Providence, Rhode Island.

~Red Fish~

As we leave our friend the monkfish and lookover to red fish, red fish is another underutilized fish in our area. Red fish can be found in the Atlantic Ocean as well as in Florida. There are different types of red fish most prominent in our area is the “Rose Fish.” Besides the “Rose Fish” having a beautiful name it is the perfect addition to any menu. Red fish can be prepared in many ways such as blackened with a wedge of lemon or in a curry sauce.

~Dog Fish~

Dog fish is a great addition to our line up and can be used in dishes such as stews, grilled, pan seared and in stir fries to name a few. In appearance it looks like a miniature shark, in fact it’s part of the shark family! Dogfish like our other fish noted here come with nutritional benefits such as vitamins. If planning to grill your dogfish this summer, why not make it a sandwich? You can add avocado, tomato or tarter and capers and any of your other sandwich topping favorites.


Scup can be found in the Atlantic Ocean as well and is great roasted, stuffed or even used in fish tacos. It is a white based fish and mild in flavor. If planning to roast it add some lemon rounds and herbs to give it a fresh taste. It can be served with a side salad or even a mango salsa if planning to make it a “Taco Tuesday.”

As you can see there are so many variations of dishes for incorporating underutilized fish into your own diets and meal prep. Whether it’s monkfish, red fish, dogfish or scup each one comes with health benefits and an abundance of flavor.

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