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Celebrating National Seafood Month

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By: Marketing Manager, Kendall for UMass Dartmouth, Michaella Lesieur

Calling all seafood lovers, did you hear? It is National Seafood Month and we want to share with you our underutilized fish favorites. Underutilized fish is sustainable and abundant, and did we mention that it is a money saver too!

According to the National Day Calendar there is no information to when National Seafood Month started; however, did you know that there are over 1, 500 national days according to the calendar.

Underutilized species in our area look over to monkfish, scup, skate, redfish and dogfish to name a few. There are so many various ways you can support. Bellow we carved out some fun and easy ways you can get involved in this festive month.


Post about underutilized fish on your social media accounts (ex. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat). Feel free to use our unique Fishing Forward logo and tag us on Instagram @underutilizedfish.


Beat the wait in the seafood market and buy local. Buying local supports your local fisherman and guarantees freshness. There are even ways to track your fish now to see where it comes from. That way you know exactly where and from whom you are getting your fish from. There are QR codes that allows us to trace the fish we use. We buy from Red’s Best that allows us to trace where our fish is coming from. It shows us which fisherman vessel it came off of and where they caught it.


Cook with underutilized fish. Skip the shrimp or lobster this week and make a Monkfish Puttanesca, Monkfish Chowder or a Skate La Meuniere. Although, the options are endless be creative in your underutilized fish dishes. Check out our recipes online here for some inspiration.


Start your own underutilized fish campaign. A great way to educate your communities about fish that is caught right in your own oceans. You can even get buttons or stickers made with a fun little saying to help spread your message.


If you are the proud owner of one of our underutilized fish shirts wear them this month. This is a wonderful way to support #NationalSeafoodMonth and get people talking on your day to day outings.


Join our email list and stay up to date on all things underutilized fish and more. If you’re interested in signing up, send an email to with “email list” in the subject line.


Visit our website for weekly blog post stories that go up every Thursday. Our website also includes recipes, educational information and more!

By participating in these seven activities you will be celebrating National Seafood Month. Coming from New England this is a month filled with delicacies that have been around for ages. We come from a rich seafood history as ports such as New Bedford work hard to get us seafood from our own backyard and deliver it fresh as we make it come to life in our kitchens.

Happy National Seafood Month!

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