3 Contests ~ 3 Winners

Age Group Categories

2nd-8th Grade,

9th-12th Grade &




To participate submit your best art featuring the topic of kelp and underutilized fish as we gear up for our Kendall Foundation Grant, that UMass Dartmouth Dining Services will be working to incorporate kelp & underutilized fish into diets and simple meals.


Those in the category of 2nd-8th and 9th-12th grade will focus on kelp; while those of college age will focus on underutilized fish (ex. monkfish, dogfish, red fish and scup). Be creative with your designs. Kelp and underutilized fish provide a numerous amount of health benefits and is good for the environment. Art can be produced by hand or digitally.


All art must be original and include a summary (2nd-8th- one paragraph, 9th-12th- two paragraphs & college- three paragraphs) on the nutritional benefits of their given category. Submissions can be typed and submitted to Michaella Lesieur at mlesieur@umassd.edu by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday December 01, 2019. Winner(s) will be notified and shared on our social media outlets by Friday January 10, 2020. Please email Michaella for further guidance. Good Luck!

                        *** Grand Prize Given to Winner of Each Category ***

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