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  • 2018 winners of the New England Food Vision prize, won a $250,000 award designed to raise awareness of the environmental, economic, and health impacts of our food choices, support regional agricultural resiliency, and use the purchasing power of institutions to influence the hearts and minds of consumers.

Supporting Local Fishing and Underutilized Fish Species

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and Eastern Connecticut State University will join forces with Chartwells, Ipswich Fish, the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, Red’s Best, Farm Fresh Rhode Island, New Bedford Port Authority, and Buyers & Sellers Seafood Auction (BASE) to improve sourcing and purchasing systems. System changes will allow greater incorporation of traceable local fish on campus menus with an emphasis on underutilized and abundant species. The institutional partners have committed that 75% of all fish served on each campus will be locally sourced.

Meet the Fish

~Scup~Monkfish~Red Fish~Dogfish!


Scup has a pinkish meat color and can also be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Scup is best used in recipes such as tacos, grilled with a lemon wedge and more.


Monkfish is a white base fish that is found mostly in the Atlantic Ocean. The fish is compared to have a texture similar to lobster meat. Monkfish is best used in recipes such as stews or fish bites.

Red Fish

Red Fish has a few different varieties; most notably found around here is the rose fish. This fish is great incorporated  into recipes with pan frying or baked with a crumb and your favorite herbs.


Dogfish is part of the shark family and has to flakey white texture when prepared. It is an oily fish which keeps it moist. Dogfish can be made into fish and chips and grilled.

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